Innovative Lending System:

The lending system in X Farm.Land introduces two collateralization methods: "Dead Collateral" (Deadlock) and "Live Collateral" (Livelock).

Dead Collateral:

  • Users permanently collateralize ETH to the contract, obtaining GFRAM tokens at a ratio of 1:100.

  • GFRAM tokens obtained through Dead Collateral cannot be redeemed.

Live Collateral:

  • Users collateralize ETH to the contract at a ratio of 1:90, obtaining GFARM tokens.

  • Users have a 10-day window to repay an equivalent amount in XFARM without loss to retrieve their Live Collateral ETH.

  • After 10 days, interest starts accruing, and the interest is deducted from the redeemable ETH.

  • The interest calculation formula is yet to be determined, pending technical confirmation, including specific ratio values and the calculation formula.

This lending system provides users with an option to mitigate concerns related to price fluctuations causing liquidation. The introduction of Dead Collateral and Live Collateral concepts offers users more flexibility in their interactions with the system.

Pre-Launch Token Anchoring:

  • Before the formal token launch, the system anchors the token at a fixed price of 0.01 for collateralized lending.

  • Post-launch, lending will be based on the real-time price of the token.

Post-Launch Opportunities:

  • Shortly after the official launch, users can stake the tokens earned from their farms in the lending system to provide loans to new users and earn interest.

Stay tuned for further updates as the lending system evolves and provides users with enhanced options and opportunities within the X Farm.Land ecosystem.

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