There will be a variety of resource types available in-game generated by the various industries.

  • Seed

  • Food

  • Pet

Resource Rarities

In the world of X Farm.Land, resources come in varying rarities. Certain resources are exclusively accessible on land with specific traits, and specific rarities can only be discovered on particular types of land.

Unlocking certain resources requires meeting specific land conditions. Therefore, upgrading your land is of utmost importance. The higher the land level, the more efficient the coin mint becomes. Importantly, this efficiency boost is not limited to specific types of land; it applies across all upgraded lands.

Level 1 -

Level 2 -

Level 3 -

Level 4 -

Level 5 -

Resource Locations

Specific resources will only be available on certain types of land.

Lands with better and rarer utility will be able to produce rarer resources.

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