How to Plant

Players only need to perform 1 action to grow crops, each with its own growth duration and possible pets!

Farm plots

Farming can only take place on certain tiles, called farm plots. Each farm plot can have only one type of seed planted on it, after new users register for the game, they can see their initial farm. The initial farm only has two piece of farm plot. Players can send a tweet to open a third farm plot for free.

Farm plots are located on player-owned and public lands. A certain number of Farm Plots will be kept open to the public, with the rest being to spend crops or gold coins to unlock it.

New players can unlock third Farm plots by tweeting.


Seeds are needed to start farming skill and are easily obtained. The first step of farming will be planting the seeds, so it is best to obtain some before trying it out!

New players will have two free seeds in their warehouse.


Different pets will be needed to perform farming activities as players progress through the skill. For now, players need to at least water crops for them to grow.

General Information:

  • Multiple Companions: Your farm can be home to multiple pets simultaneously, creating a lively and diverse environment.

  • Future Additions: Stay tuned for upcoming additions to the roster of pets, each bringing its unique charm and benefits to enhance your "X Farm.Land" adventure.

Embrace the company of these charming pets in "X Farm.Land," and let their delightful presence and useful roles elevate your farming journey!


Read about how to farm and the rewards from farming below!


To begin farming, players start out by planting seeds for crops to grow. Planting seeds does not require any farming equipment but does require players to have seeds in their inventory.

To plant seeds, walk up to the tilled farm plot and click on it. Players need to be close enough to the plot for the action to occur.

Upon triggering the actions, an animation indicating the seeds have been planted will occur:

Players will not gain any experience until they harvest the crop.


Harvesting is the last step in the harvesting process and will reward the user with experience and resources. Click on a fully ripened crop to harvest it!


After a crop has reached maturity to the ripe stage, it can be harvested. When harvested, players are awarded with experience points , more seeds, and a yield of the crop. Each different crop will have a different reward in both experience and resource.

Crop Overflow and Crop Theft System

In "X Farm.Land," there's a unique feature where, if crops mature and arbie not harvested within 5 minutes, they wil overflow. The overflowed crops will be displayed beneath the twitter avatar. Clicking on the crops will take you to the comments section, where leaving a specified message allows you to successfully "steal" the crops. Here's a breakdown of the process:

  • Crop Overflow: If you fail to harvest mature crops within 5 minutes, they will overflow and appear beneath the avatar on the timeline.

  • Click on Crops: Clicking on the overflowed crops will lead you to the comments section.

  • Leave a Specified Message: In the comments section, you need to leave a message according to the specified instructions. This could be a friendly greeting, a playful comment, or any other specified interaction.

  • Successful Crop Theft: Once you successfully leave the specified message and follow the farm owner on Twitter, you've completed the "crop theft" action and will receive a portion of the harvested crops.

This system provides players with an engaging interactive mechanism and emphasizes the importance of timely harvesting. The crop theft interaction among friends in the farm adds a social element, making the gaming experience more dynamic and enjoyable.

Boost System:

Overview: Players with pets at level 1 or above can initiate a boost once. After initiating a boost, other players can enter the player's farm and click the boost button (watering/fertilizing). The more boosts received, the more acceleration packs the player obtains (the boost system rewards fixed 2nd level acceleration packs). Players can only initiate a boost once every 24 hours.

Boost Rewards:

  • After initiating a boost, players receive a corresponding number of 2nd level acceleration packs based on the boosts provided by other players.

Boost Duration:

  • The duration for each received boost is related to the level of the player's pet. The higher the pet's level, the longer the duration for receiving boosts, with a maximum limit of 20 hours.

Note: More Social Fi gameplay features will be released in the future. Stay tuned for updates!

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