Twitter interaction

The more you interact on Twitter, the more resources you will receive.

Twitter Chest

In "X Farm.Land," we have introduced an exciting and interesting Twitter chest system, allowing players to randomly obtain rich rewards when they tweet. Here are the relevant system details:

  • Random Airdrop Boxes: Every day, while browsing Twitter, users have the chance to randomly encounter Airdrop Boxes. These boxes will be displayed beneath the twitter avatar.

  • Clicking on Airdrop Boxes: Players can click on the Airdrop Boxes, which will take them to the Twitter comments section.

  • Leaving Specified Text: In the Twitter comments section, users need to leave a message following the specified text instructions. This could include interactive and friendly text, such as greetings or other amusing comments.

  • Obtaining Airdrop Items: Once the user successfully leaves a message according to the specified text, they will receive random rewards from the Airdrop Box. These rewards may include seeds, food, pets, and more.

  • Planting Seeds: If the user obtains seeds from the Airdrop Box, they can plant these seeds in their farm plots, expanding and enriching their agricultural endeavors.

This Airdrop System not only provides players with additional fun and rewards but also introduces a social element. It allows players to participate in interactive and enjoyable activities while scrolling through Twitter, enhancing the overall gaming experience in "X Farm.Land."

Farm Assistance System

Farm Assistance System:

In "X Farm.Land," users with lions (or pets) have the unique ability to seek assistance from friends, enhancing their farming experience. Here's how the assistance system works:

  • Assistance Request: Users with lions can plant seeds in their farm and, with a single click, send out a tweet seeking help from friends.

  • Friend's Assistance: When a friend clicks and enters the user's farm after receiving the assistance request, they can click on the water/fertilize button once.

  • Assistance Limit Based on Pet's Level: The number of times a user can be assisted is linked to the pet's level. Higher pet levels allow for more assistance opportunities.

  • Benefit of Assistance: Each assistance action reduces the crop's maturation time by 0.5%. Friends who assist also receive a reward of 1 seed.

  • Inviting Friends to Assist: Users can actively invite friends to assist by clicking on the hoe icon, fostering a collaborative farming community.

Additional Details:

  • The higher the pet's level, the longer the acceptable assistance duration. Multiple pets can stack the duration.

  • Farm owners with pets at level 1 or above can initiate an assistance request once every 24 hours, asking friends to help accelerate the maturation of their crops.

  • For every 10 assists received from friends, the farm drops a level 2 Time Hourglass. Within the acceptable assistance time frame, more assists result in more dropped Time Hourglasses.

This assistance system encourages social interaction, collaboration, and mutual benefits among players.

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