In the ongoing development of X Farm.Land, we are introducing a series of exciting features to make the game more diverse and immersive.


By clicking into the store, players can purchase various crop seeds, items, and even recycle basic crops.

Pet Shop:

Accessing the Pet Shop allows players to explore each pet's catalog, purchase pets, and check the remaining quantity of each pet.

AMM Trading Market:

X Farm.Land's AMM Trading Market is an industry-first in-game trading platform. Leveraging AMM mechanisms, it facilitates the automatic market-making of crop ERC1155 tokens against game ERC20 tokens, causing crop prices to fluctuate based on in-game demand.

Coin Mint:

Within the Coin Mint, skilled craftsmen charge a fee to mint GFarm tokens into XFarm tokens at a 1:1 ratio.

Other Building Features:

Additional features such as Lumberyard, Pasture, Chicken Coop, Slaughterhouse, Bank, Mine, Dock, Dungeon, Graveyard, and more are scheduled for future releases.

These functionalities will provide players with a more comprehensive gaming experience, allowing them to engage in farm management, pet cultivation, and economic market transactions. Stay tuned for upcoming releases and immerse yourself in the evolving world of X Farm.Land!

General Information:

Please note that the store only allows the recycling of carrots, while other crops can be traded on the AMM exchange.

Upgrading Land and Efficiency Boost: Upgrading land enhances the efficiency of the Coin Mint.

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