Staking System:

After the XFARM token is launched, users will have the opportunity to stake the XFARM they earn from their farms in the lending system. This allows for subsequent new players to enter the lending system, borrow, and earn interest.

Key Features:

  • Token Staking: Users can pledge the XFARM tokens earned from their farms within the lending system.

  • Lending Platform: The staked XFARM serves as a reserve for new players entering the lending platform.

  • Interest Generation: Staking provides an avenue for new players to borrow from the lending system and earn interest.


  • Community Growth: The staking system contributes to the expansion of the player community by facilitating new participants in the lending ecosystem.

  • Interest Opportunities: Stakers have the potential to earn rewards as new players borrow from the lending system.

As the XFARM token is launched, stay tuned for more details and opportunities to participate in the staking system, contributing to the growth and dynamics of the X Farm.Land ecosystem.

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